How to Convert First Horizon Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

How to Download and Convert First Horizon Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

Changing your First Horizon Bank statement into an Excel spreadsheet is a wise decision for financial management, analyzing your expenditure trends, and budgeting effectively. Excel’s robust spreadsheet capabilities offer substantial aid in organizing and tweaking data to your liking.

But, you might wonder, how does one convert a bank statement from PDF to Excel CSV format? Continue with this guide to uncover the most efficient method.

Downloading your Bank Statement from First Horizon Bank

Option 1: Internet Banking for Statement Download

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Log in to your First Horizon online banking account.
  2. Click on the “Accounts and Statements” icon; this will expand the display to present account details.
  3. To check an account simply click on it.
  4. Hit “More” to access additional account details.
  5. To access monthly statements, click on “Statements”.
  6. Pick the statement date you’re interested in.
  7. A PDF version of your bank statement will pop up in a new window.
  8. Proceed to download the PDF file.

Option 2: Using the First Horizon Bank App for Your Statement

Accessing your PDF bank statement is seamless with the mobile app as well.

  1. Open your First Horizon mobile app and log in.
  2. Select Accounts and Statements.
  3. Choose the account you need statements for.
  4. Pick the statement date you want to view.
  5. You can now see the PDF
  6. Click on the three vertical dots for more options.
  7. Scroll to find and select “Print” or “Download” to get the PDF file.

Convert Your First Horizon PDF Bank Statements to Excel or CSV

Convert Bank Statement is a simple and efficient bank statement converter tool to help convert your PDFs. Transferring your data from your bank statement PDF to an Excel file manually will consume a significant amount of time and may cause human errors when inputting data.

How to use Convert My Bank Statement 

  1. Visit the Convert My Bank Statement website.
  2. At the homepage click on “Click Here To Convert A PDF”.
  3. Upload your PDF document and then click on the “Convert” button.
  4. The website will now show you a preview of the Excel sheet generated from your PDF file. Click the “Download” button found in the top right corner and you will get your Excel sheet.


Having your bank statement data in an Excel sheet will be more beneficial than a PDF copy to keep better track of your finances. You could use their free version to convert up to 5 pages per day or subscribe to a suitable plan and gain a much greater conversion scale. Avoid errors and save your precious time with this amazing tool.