How to Download M&T Bank Statement

How to Download M&T Bank Statement

Everyone needs to check their bank statements from time to time to keep better track of their finances. With the addition of internet banking, we can now get PDF copies of our statements from the M&T Bank website. This tutorial will show you the easy way to do it and how you can convert those statements into Excel (.CSV) files. 

How to Download M&T Bank Statement 

  1. Visit M&T Bank official website.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Once logged in go to Accounts.
  4. Click on Statement.
  5. Select the period of time for your statement.
  6. Click the download button to receive a PDF copy of the statement.

How to convert your M&T PDF Bank Statement into Excel

You have two options for moving your PDF statement details to an Excel sheet. First, you can type everything in yourself, which doesn’t cost anything but takes a lot of time, especially for big statements and mistakes can happen while inputting the information.

Secondly, you can try Convert My Bank Statement, a website that converts your PDF statements into Excel files (.CSV) quickly and accurately. Their free plan lets you convert up to 5 pages every day. If you need to convert more, they have subscription plans that are budget-friendly.


You can transfer your PDF statement info to Excel files using two methods. You can either type it manually, which takes time and might have mistakes, or use a conversion tool to do it easily.