How to Download BMO Harris Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

How to Download BMO Harris Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

Clients often ask about how to download their BMO Harris PDF statements into Excel format. While multiple methods are available, the simplest and most effective approach involves using an online tool that transforms bank statements into Excel.

For a step-by-step breakdown, keep reading this tutorial.

Download the Statement From BMO Harris Bank

Option 1: Use Internet Banking to Download Your Statement

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by signing into your BMO online banking account.
  2. Choose the “Online Statements” option under the “Accounts” section.
  3. Select the account you want from the “Account” dropdown menu. 
  4. Find the statement you want by clicking on the corresponding link.
  5. You have the option to filter statements for specific accounts by selecting the dates you want.
  6. Hit the “search” button to proceed.
  7. Your statement results will appear on the “Statement Download” page.
  8. Click on the statement date link to open your statement in PDF format
  9. You can then download the PDF to your device. 

Remember: For mortgage details, check the “Mortgage Statement” section; for information on eligible loans, visit the “Loan Statement” tab.

Option 2: Use the BMO Harris Bank App to Download Your Statement

Here’s how you can download your bank statement through the BMO Harris mobile app:

  1. Open the app and access your BMO account.
  2. From the main dashboard, select the account for which you need the statement.
  3. Go to “Account Details
  4. Select the option related to statement details.
  5. Activate eStatement by toggling the switch to the “on” position.
  6. Confirm your choice by clicking “Save”.
  7. Agree to the terms by selecting “I agree”.
  8. Confirm everything is set by clicking “All done”. 
  9. Please wait for a period of 24 hours before proceeding.
  10. After the wait, go back to the statements section.
  11. Select the month you want and the year to find your statement.
  12. Download your statement directly as a PDF file.

Convert your BMO Harris Bank Statement PDF to Excel

You’ve got a couple of choices when it comes to turning your BMO Harris bank PDF statements into Excel spreadsheets:

  1. Manual Conversion: This involves opening your PDF statement and manually transferring the data into an Excel file. While this method costs nothing, it can be time-consuming and less precise, especially for lengthy statements.
  2. Using Software Assistance: This method involves using conversion software like Convert My Bank Statement, which is designed to turn PDF documents into Excel spreadsheets. It’s quick and efficient.


You might want to convert your BMO Harris bank statements from PDF to Excel for easier management. There are two ways to do this: either use an online conversion tool or do it by hand. But be aware, that doing it manually can be difficult and may lead to many mistakes. 

By using a bank statement converter, you can easily organize your financial information in Excel. This method is straightforward and lets you handle your finances with more clarity.