How to Download Comerica Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

How to Download Comerica Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

If you bank with Comerica, you likely get your monthly statements in PDF form. While PDFs are great for keeping your financial data secure and easy to share, they’re not the best when you want to look closely at your transactions, plan your budget, or check your accounts.

That’s why you might want to change your PDF statements into Excel or CSV files. These formats are easier to work with if you deal with numbers and data. Stick around till the end of this guide to learn a better way to handle your statements. 

Download the Statement From Comerica Bank

Option 1: Use Online Banking to Download Your Statement

Here’s how to access your statements: 

  1. On the homepage, find the Comerica Web Banking section on the right side. Enter your User ID and Password, then click the Login button. 
  2. Once logged in, look at the top of the screen where you’ll find several options.
  3. To view older statements, click on ‘e-statement’ at the top. This lets you access statements from the past 24 months.
  4. Choose the statements you want by selecting their dates.
  5. Now, decide which statements you’d like to download. 
  6. You can then download or print your statements in a printable PDF format.

Note: Comerica’s system’s systems store transaction history for 180 days. Through Comerica Web Banking, you can request a copy of transactions from the last month, even if they’re older than 180 days. 

Option 2: Use the Comerica Bank App to Download Your Statement

Using the Comerica mobile app, you can perform various banking tasks such as transferring money, downloading statements, depositing checks, and receiving text notifications.

Here’s how to download your bank statement:

  1. Open the Comerica bank app and sign in.
  2. Select the account you want to view a statement from.
  3. Tap on “eStatements.”
  4. Choose the statement you need by date.
  5. The statement for the select month will automatically download to your device in PDF format. 

Convert Comerica Bank Statement PDF to Excel or CSV

Converting Excel files to PDFs is useful, especially when you want to sort out and look at your data easily. How can you do this without any problems?

Simply use a good online tool like Convert My Bank Statement or app. This way, you can convert your files quickly and without fuss. 


You can improve your financial management by changing your Comerica bank statement from a PDF to an Excel or CSV format. Choose a method that fits your preferences and requirements. For a straightforward approach, use an online tool to pull information from your PDF files and convert them into a spreadsheet format.