How to Download & Convert Huntington PDF Bank Statement

How to Download Huntington Bank Statement

Many customers ask how they can download their Huntington Bank PDF statements as an Excel file as it is the more convenient choice when managing your finances.

To do so follow this easy tutorial.

How to Download Your Huntington Bank Statement

  1. Go to Huntington’s website. 
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Once you are logged in go to Accounts.
  4. Select Statements.
  5. Select the desired time period for your statement.
  6. Click the download icon to get a PDF copy of the statement.

How to Convert your Huntington PDF Bank Statement into Excel

There are two ways you can transfer your PDF statement information onto an Excel sheet. You can input all the information manually which although it costs nothing, would be very time-consuming for large statements and prone to human error.

Alternatively, you can use Convert My Bank Statement, a conversion website that easily and accurately converts your PDF statements into Excel (.CSV) files, saving you time and effort. The free plan allows you to convert up to 5 pages per day and if you want to convert on a larger scale, the site offers a range of affordable subscription plans that you can take.


Through these methods, you can transfer your PDF statementit information onto Excel files. You can either do it by hand which can be time-consuming and has the possibility of errors or use a conversion tool to effortlessly convert them.