Top Accounting Firms in Singapore

Top Accounting Firms in Singapore

Singapore, home to one of the world's most robust economies, boasts over 600 accounting firms. These firms are crucial in upholding the city-state's status as a premier financial and business center.

Audit firms can help the company in several ways, one of them is achieving transparency and driving accountability in business operations. They also assist businesses in maintaining records for every transaction for auditing purposes and verifying the accuracy of their financial statements. 

The Accounting Firms in Singapore

Not all audit companies may offer the same services or products. While some offer a wide variety of services, others focus on specific services that you may need. These companies help your business grow and offer you unbiased financial advice. 

Here's a rundown of the leading accounting firms in Singapore

Boon Suan Lee & Co

With 30 years of operation, Boon Suan Lee & Co, also known as BSL, serves both national and international clients, meeting their compliance and statutory requirements. They not only do taxation, audit, business advisory, and accounting, but also corporate secretarial services. BSL was founded in Singapore in 1981, by Mr Boon Suan Lee. 

Foo Kon Tan

Foo Kon Tan stands out as one of Singapore's most reputable and well-established accounting firms, delivering crucial services to both the local and international markets. This firm provides a broad spectrum of services, such as tax, assurance, and advisory services.

BDO Singapore

Since 1972, BDO Singapore has been an affiliate of BDO International. BDO provides an extensive array of services, encompassing audit, business restructuring, cybersecurity, corporate advisory, outsourced accounting and secretarial tasks, risk advisory, and management consulting. The firm's clients come from different fields such as public and private companies as well as multinational corporations.

Ardent Associates

Being an award-winning firm, Ardent has established its reputation. It was established in 2008 and has employed qualified Chartered Accountants. They offer services such as auditing, business advisory, accounting, outsourcing, IT corporate, advisory solutions, risk and governance as well as tax. Ardent achieved a ranking of 20th within a pool of 700 auditing firms in Singapore during the year 2016.

Deloitte Singapore

Deloitte is a leading firm with over 312,000 employees and operates in more than 150 countries. They have great experience working in the audit and accounting industry. The firm offers services such as consulting, audit and assurance, risk advisory, financial advisory, and other related services.

Ernst Young  Singapore

EY or Ernst Young helps clients by offering them four major services, which are: Strategy, Assurance, Consulting, and Transactions. EY is an audit firm that focuses on increasing great client experience and performs audits on many of the public trade companies in Singapore. The firm makes sure the clients they serve meets all the regulatory requirements.

PWC Singapore

One more auditing firm that is performing well in Singapore is PwC. It was founded in London and has more than 2800 members on the staff. PwC Singapore collaborates closely with its counterparts in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Among the many services it offers, are taxation, Assurance, corporate finance, digital solutions, and consultancy services to public and private clients.

KPMG Singapore

One of the many branches of KPMG is in Singapore offering their members services such as tax, audit services, advisory services, and corporate secretarial services. KPMG offers these services to governments, corporations, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. The Singapore office is recognized as the fastest expanding globally. Along with being the most established practice in Asia, it is also the top-performing auditing firm.


In summary, Singapore's accounting landscape is a cornerstone of its economic success, supported by leading firms such as KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Ardent Associates, BDO, Foo Kon Tan, and BSL.

These firms excel in providing a wide range of services that ensure transparency, accountability, and strategic financial advice, contributing to the city-state's reputation as a global financial hub.