Top Accounting Firms in the USA

Top accounting firms in USA

The modern world requires modern accounting solutions, and each day it gets more complex. This is why many businesses opt to hire an accounting firm. Accounting firms have the resources to take care of all your accounting needs.

In this article, we will explore the top accounting firms in the USA. 

What Accounting Firm Does, and Why You May Need One

Two of the most important services that an accounting firm offers are auditing and accounting for your business. The firms can also help you make financial records to track your profit and losses, as well as provide you with advice for your overall financial health. 

When you understand your cash flow and how to break even, you will be able to do long-term planning such as upgrading to new infrastructure and additional machinery.

To guarantee accurate record-keeping, accounting firms therefore create audits by going through your financial records and evaluating the procedures. They follow policies that help to align your financial strategies and support your business. 

Accounting firms also offer to do your taxes. They can help you determine a new tax code to make your reports in adherence to the current IRS regulations. 

How To Select the Accounting Firm for Your Small Business

Whether you need tax advice, or your business needs complete accountancy services, choosing the right accounting firm is of utmost importance.

  1. Understanding your business requirements: You first need to figure out what kind of services you will need from an accounting firm. If your requirements are simply to handle financial records per month and basic bookkeeping, then a regular accountant is enough. But if your needs are more than these, and you need someone to handle services such as tax planning, prepare your tax returns, and check your financial statement details, then you will require a certified public accountant.
  2. Seek small business experience: Cost-efficient accounting firms are more likely to charge a large sum of fees compared to what mid-sized firms will cost you. If you have a small business then it might be more beneficial and cost efficient as mid-sized accounting firms can give you the attention and details you need that big firms may neglect.
  3. Fees: Considering fees is important– the charges of your accounting firm must match your business or personal budget. Most firms collect their fees in two various methods, either a fixed rate or per hour. It depends on the firm on how they calculate the overall amount charged.
  4. Find Out What Accounting Software They Use: When choosing an accountant, you will want to know which software they use and what they are recommending to their customers. You may find an accountant who is still using the old methods that may not suit your needs and may refuse to change to the latest accounting solutions. 

Take a look at the Top Accounting Firms in the USA


BDO has 42 national offices and employs a huge number of people. Among many of their services, these services are also included:
1. Risk & Resilience
2. Management Consulting
3. Audit Services
4. International Tax Services

Mayer Hoffman McCan/CBIZ

Mayer Hoffman McCan has headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. This giant accounting firm employs about 4000 people in their office. Their services include 1. Accounting & Tax
2. Insurance & HR
3. Advisory Services

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton, another accounting firm headquartered in Chicago is providing excellent services to their clients. These services include
1. Advisory
2. Assurance
3. Tax
4. Cybersecurity


RSM, previously known as McGladrey, has its headquarters in Chicago. Their services now include:
1. Assurance
2. Business Tax Advisory
3. Risk Consulting
4. Management Consulting


KPMG, one of the best firms in the US, has its headquarters located in the city of New York. With their new alliance contract with Blackline Solutions, they now offer the following services:
1. Audit and Assurance
2. Tax & Legal
3. Advisory
4. Private Enterprise

Ernst & Young

Another big firm which also has headquarters in London is Ernst&Young. Operating in more than 150 countries, it recently merged with Greenwich Consulting, adding more features to the services they offers:
1. Consulting
2. Assurance
3. Tax
4. Managed Services


PricewaterhouseCoopers also known as PwC has a headquarters in London as well as a huge network of 750 offices spread across the world. With its recent merger with Booz & Co, it provides tough competition for other firms. Their services include:
1. Audit and Assurance Services
2. Consulting
3. Crisis management
4. Legal Business Solutions
5. Managed Services.


Detroit Accounting Company stands tall as number one as this is a firm with years of experience. Their services include:
1. Bookkeeping & Financial Statements
2. Tax Projections and Tax Return FIlings
3. LLC & Corporate Document Preparations.


In conclusion, accounting firms are essential in today's complex business world. They offer services like auditing, financial record-keeping, tax planning, and financial advice. When choosing the right accounting firm, consider your business needs, fees, and the software they use.

The top accounting firms in the USA, such as Detroit Accounting Company, PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, RSM, Grant Thornton, Mayer Hoffman McCan/CBIZ, and BDO, offer a wide range of services to suit different requirements. Make your choice based on your specific needs and budget, as the right accounting firm can greatly impact your financial success and compliance.